What level should you be for Free Pal Alliance Tower in Palworld?
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In the tutorial phase of Palworld, you are given the name of the first Pal Tower you need to beat, which is Rayne Syndicate Tower. After you defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt, though, you are given no indication as to what Pal Tower you should challenge next. If you’re like me, then you stumbled upon the Free Pal Alliance Tower following your first boss battle, which requires a higher level than you might think.

To see what level you should be for the Free Pal Alliance Tower in Palworld, check out the guide below.

The level for the Free Pal Alliance Tower in Palworld

Every Pal Tower in Palworld offers very little in the way of knowing what level you should be before trying to challenge it. The only indication we have for the level of the boss in each tower is what level the wild Pals around the tower are.

In the case of the Free Pal Alliance Tower, the Pals around it are roughly levels 23-30. This means the recommended level for the tower is around level 25. Of course, your character level doesn’t mean much, as your Pals will be doing most of the heavy lifting. As a result, you want your Pals to be level 25 and above.

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The bosses inside the Free Pal Alliance Tower are Lily and Lyleen. Lyleen is a Grass-type Pal that has just over 69,000 HP. I would suggest bringing a Fire-type Pal to counteract Lyleen, but the Pal also knows some Water-type attacks that can decimate your fiery Pal. Instead, I recommend bringing along Pals who know Fire-type attacks but are a different type themselves. You can see what types are weak and strong against each other in my previous guide.

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The same rules apply in Free Pal Alliance Tower as they did with Rayne Syndicate Tower; you have 10 minutes to defeat the boss and you can’t capture the boss Pal. Lyleen is a formidable opponent, so I advise you to be fully prepared before challenging the tower. Overleveling is never a bad thing when it comes to Pal Towers in Palworld, so feel free to be over level 25 if you’re struggling with Lyleen.

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