What is Training Mode in Halo Infinite and how to access it
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Players finally have some access to Halo Infinite multiplayer this week in the form of ongoing technical previews. This is essentially the beta for the game and players are able to access it a couple of different ways. For those that got into the previews, the tests are a chance to experience the multiplayer before its launch in December. However, it’s been a while since players have been able to check out a new Halo title. Some fans might enjoy a less competitive setting to get acclimated to the game, or simply try out different weapons and settings. If any player falls into that crowd, then Halo Infinite’s Training Mode might be just what the doctor ordered.

Training Mode in Halo Infinite

To put it simply, Training Mode or the Academy, is a way for players to experience multiplayer in a traditional setting without other players. Instead, users can play with and against bots to either warm-up for the standard playlists with other players or to simply practice in a lower stakes setting.

Halo Infinite Academy developer David Ellis describes it as a “solo gameplay experience where you can load into MP maps and play with and against bots.” So, from this explanation, it appears that players won’t be able to load into the mode with friends as of right now. However, Ellis tweeted that the developers are “exploring options to allow multiple players into the Academy in the future.”

Halo Infinite gameplay
Halo Infinite will launch on December 8, 2021. | Provided by 343

In the mode’s Training Options menu, players can tweak the bot’s difficulty level, their loadouts and pick the map they play on.

Accessing Training Mode in Halo Infinite

To access Training Mode during the technical previews, players need to head to the main lobby. There they will find a tab labeled “Academy.” Inside of this tab, players will find the Training Mode along with the Weapon Drills option. Players can use either of these tools to hone their skills in Halo Infinite or discover new weapons they can use in traditional multiplayer.

The Academy modes are available to all Halo Infinite players during both technical previews. These previews run from Sept. 23-26 and Sept. 30-Oct. 3.

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