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Final Fantasy 16 has introduced RPG fans to entirely new characters, monsters, and elements. While exciting, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to understand exactly what the Final Fantasy 16 demo plot is all about since the newest FF game is unsurprisingly complex.

This time around, the Final Fantasy 16 plot includes multiple realms and time periods. If you’re having trouble understanding the main plot as you play through the demo, here are some key elements to understand.

Where does Final Fantasy 16 take place?

Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea, a world that has two continents: Ash and Storm. This world has a dark history and was once dominated by a technologically advanced sky-based civilization. Relics and reminders of the civilization have been found throughout Valisthea thousands of years later. The world is also full of Mothercrystals, which are much sought after since they are the life force of the current population of the world.

At first it seems as though Valisthea is a pretty peaceful place but you soon find out that Mothercrystals are running out and the nations are clashing over limited resources. Magic users are even more heavily impacted.

What are the kingdoms in Final Fantasy XVI?

There are a vast amount of kingdoms in Valisthea that you’ll come across throughout your journey. They include:

  • The Grand Duchy of Rosaria (Storm): This is where protagonist Clive Rosfield is from.
  • The Holy Empire of Sanbreque: (Storm) This empire is ruled by the crown prince Dion Lesage.
  • The Dhalmekian Republic (Storm): This political kingdom is ruled by Hugo Kupka, the Dominant of Titan.
  • The King of Walooed (Ash): This kingdom has a spy called Benedikta Harman.
  • The Crystalline Dominion (neutral): Located between both continents, this kingdom has a unique position in the Valisthea.
  • The Iron Kingdom (Storm): This mysterious kingdom is off the coast of Storm and has its own language.

Who is Clive Rosfield?

Clive Rosfield is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy 16. He is the first son to Archduke of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria so he lived quite richly in Valisthea. However, he doesn’t inherit his father’s position and it’s instead given to his younger brother Joshua. Instead, he serves as Joshua’s knight and protector.

Over the years, he becomes a hardened warrior. When his brother is killed during an attack, he becomes revengeful and cold. He decides to jump into the Eikon wars.

Clive Rosfield has some unique abilities that go along with his journey as a warrior. He can acquire and then wield the power of multiple Eikons in combat even though he’s not a Dominant. He must learn to harness this destructive power to successfully end the Blight.