What is the max level in Redfall?
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When you first start out in Redfall, your character will be a lowly level one with no special abilities or extra attributes to their name. However, as you continue to play and progress through the story, you will unlock all of your available abilities through the leveling process. The more you level up, the more powerful your abilities and your character will get overall.

The leveling process in Redfall works simply enough, as the more XP you earn, the faster you level up. Although, as time goes on, players might want to know what the max level in Redfall is.

We can confirm that there is a max level, so you won’t be able to keep leveling up forever. It’s possible that the developers might change this max level as the game’s life cycle progresses and more content is added, but for now, the highest level is finite.

The max level in Redfall

At the time of writing, the max level in Redfall is 40. Most players, if they complete all of the main story missions, side quests, and other side content, will reach anywhere from level 25-30 in most cases. This means that it will almost certainly require you to play more after your initial playthrough is done to reach the max level of 40.

While it’s theoretically possible to reach level 40 by the time the end credits roll, that would require a ton of XP farming from killing zombies. If you do manage to reach level 40, then you will be able to unlock all of the skills available for your character in Redfall.

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