What is Temtem? | A beginner's guide to new Pokemon-like MMO
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Temtem is the newest game to join the ever-growing collectible monster genre. Temtem follows standards set by the Pokemon games and exceeds expectations in many aspects. The game is currently available in early-access on Steam and Discord. However, when the full release comes around, Temtem will be available on all popular gaming platforms including the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

How Temtem came to exist

The Kickstarter for Temtem first launched on May 29, 2018. The initial goal set by the previously self-funded developers at Crema was $70,000. However, the community behind the game quickly took over, and in just 34 days, the required funding was exceeded. 11,716 individual backers contributed a total of $573,939. The final unlock for the project was at $500,000, which allowed the plans for Temtem’s upcoming tournament scene to move forward. 

What you need to know before playing the game

Temtem follows many of the same core principles as the Pokemon games. However, some key differences will change the way you experience this new game. 

One notable difference is the fact that all battles in Temtem are duo battles. While the game is still in early development, the duo battles feel very interesting and are honestly quite challenging. The duo battle system allows for more in-depth strategies and move sets to work and succeed. Certain moves that Temtems can learn gain more power (or cost less stamina) when used together with a Temtem of a specific style. 

Another difference is the much higher difficulty level Temtem allows for. The target audience of Temtem is the exact people that grew up playing Pokemon, who are now adults. Because of this, even battles in the story mode require much more creativity with limited healing locations. Additionally, the currency you earn from winning matches in Temtem is much more valuable than in Pokemon games. Throughout my time playing through the story, I had to spend most of the currency I earned on healing items to keep my Temtems alive. 

The required use of items was not something I ever experienced in my playthroughs of Pokemon titles. With the Pokemon games, most times, not even a potion was required to get through the story.

Less linear missions

Airborne Archipelago Temtem

Unlike Pokemon, where there is often only one accessible path and an almost unavoidable story, Temtem allows for much more personal decision making. There are dozens of missions and side missions you can do while playing through the main story of Temtem. This includes tracking down items, or hunting for Temtems around the Airborne Archipelago for NPCs. While you can’t access certain past areas at specific points in the storyline, you mostly have the choice to do whatever you want. With an abundance of trainer battles and Temtems to collect, what you do in this MMO is really up to you. 

Will Temtem succeed?

Having played through the story that is available so far, and having followed the game through its development over the past year, I’m honestly very excited to see what the game becomes. Just during the first days of its early access, the servers have been overloaded with the dedicated community’s interest. At one point yesterday, the game’s server hit capacity with 15,000 in-game players. Meanwhile, the queue waiting to get in was at over 65,000. 

Another thing the game has going for its long term success is that it offers a much different experience than Pokemon. The game is created and backed by the dedicated fans of the Pokemon franchise. The main driving force were those who were looking for more of a challenge. And the developers succeeded at creating just that. 

There is much more to say about Temtem, and more topics we will be exploring soon. The early-access game is available now on Steam and Discord, with new updates arriving multiple times a day. For more esports news, be sure to read all about Fortnite’s new signaling rules for the 2020 competitive year.