What is a Redeploy Drone in MW3 Zombies?
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From using Field Upgrades to killing specific zombies and bosses, the missions through Acts 1-3 in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies can either be extremely simple or very difficult. The missions can also be confusing to some players, as a term like “Redeploy Drone” might not be known to everyone playing Zombies.

If you’re a Warzone fan, then you likely already know all about Redeploy Drones. Zombie players are a different story, though, as MW3 is the first time that a Redeploy Drone has been featured in the undead mode. For one mission in Act 2, called Ascension, you need to find and use a Redeploy Drone, which is challenging if you have no idea what you’re looking for.

You can see exactly what a Redeploy Drone is and how to find one in MW3 Zombies below.

Finding a Redeploy Drone in MW3 Zombies

First and foremost, a Redeploy Drone is a structure on the Urzikstan map that allows you to fly up a wire and then parachute from a high distance. This gives you the chance to reach a farther destination much quicker than you otherwise could running or driving a vehicle. However, the Redeploy Drones are not too common on the map and you can only see the icon for them when you’re close enough to their location.

The icon for a Redeploy Drone looks like a four-winged drone, as you can see below.

Screenshot via Upcomer

The map only shows where a Redeploy Drone is when you are within a certain distance of them. So you can’t simply open your map and see where every single drone is on the map. Instead, you have to travel around and continuously open the map to see if you’re near one.

If you happen to find a Redeploy Drone, all you have to do is approach it, interact with the wire, and then you’ll be sent flying into the air. Once you’re at the top of the drone, you’ll be shot off in whatever direction you’re facing. You can pull your parachute whenever you want, but I recommend pulling it as early as possible if you want to cover the most distance.

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That’s everything you need to know about finding and using a Redeploy Drone in MW3 Zombies. Now, you can complete that Ascension mission with ease and move on to the next one.

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