What does the Dexterity stat do in Elden Ring? Explained
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When you’re playing through Elden Ring, you will undoubtedly see that your character has eight different stats, or attributes, that can be upgraded. The attributes are upgraded by dumping Runes into them at a Site of Grace. The higher your attribute gets, the more Runes are required to increase its level.

While you can always mindlessly throw points into different attributes, most players are curious as to what each one does. Specifically, the Dexterity stat has been questioned all throughout the life cycle of Elden Ring.

Players will likely know that they need their Dexterity stat to be at a certain level to wield some weapons. For example, the Nagakiba katana requires 20 Dexterity to wield properly. However, beyond that, players aren’t too sure exactly what they’re increasing on their character when they level up Dexterity.

Well, that stops today — here, I will provide a rundown of exactly what the Dexterity stat does and how it can improve your character.

What does Dexterity do in Elden Ring?

For starters, Dexterity is a stat that scales your damage with certain weapons. If a weapon has a Dexterity level requirement or a grade in Dexterity, then the higher your stat is, the more damage that weapon will deal. That’s more obvious than other aspects of the stat in Elden Ring.

Here’s a list of everything else the Dexterity stat does:

  • Reduces the casting time of spells
  • Softens fall damage (take less damage when falling from heights)
  • Makes it harder to be knocked off Torrent, your horse

These are three boosts that your character receives when you power up the Dexterity stat in addition to increasing damage on Dexterity-scaled weapons. As you can see, they are all fairly useful, with being sturdier on your horse and reducing spell-casting time being particularly handy.

So if you ever wondered why it might be important to increase your Dexterity stat in Elden Ring, now you know.

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