What does Crowd Control mean in Diablo 4?
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When you are navigating gear selection and the skills menu in Diablo 4, there are dozens of terms that are thrown at you. From Overpower Damage to being Injured/Healthy, you will likely not know what all of these terms mean right off the bat. One of the more confusing terms that players have been trying to understand in Diablo 4 is Crowd Control.

This term appears on gear affixes, skills, and when players view their in-depth stats. Most of the time, you will see Crowd Control used to reference specific damage versus enemies. However, you could also see it used as a negative. For example, enemies can Crowd Control you just like you can Crowd Control them, and this can give you a buff or a nerf depending on what skills or gear you have equipped.

If you want to learn exactly what it means to Crowd Control enemies in Diablo 4, then check out the guide below.

Crowd Control

What is Crowd Control in Diablo 4?

Essentially, Crowd Control is referring to a status effect that is currently afflicting you or an enemy. These status effects can impair your movement, stats, sight, and anything in between. There are 11 of these status effects in Diablo 4, and they are: Chill, Daze, Freeze, Fear, Immobilize, Knockback, Knockdown, Slow, Stun, Tether, and Taunt.

If you inflict any one of these status effects onto an enemy, then that enemy is considered “crowd controlled.”Conversely, if an enemy inflicts one of these effects onto you, then you are considered crowd controlled. Every build will rely on Crowd Control effects differently. As an example, my Frost Sorcerer made great use of Crowd Control damage since my freezing abilities caused enemies to be frozen and slowed, giving me extra Crowd Control damage. I also had certain gear affixes that gave me an even bigger bonus to enemies who are crowd controlled.

However, some of your skills will also come into play. One of the skills for a Barbarian gives players a boost in their damage when they are crowd controlled, mitigating the status effects. You will have to go through your build to see exactly how you can use Crowd Control abilities and damage to your advantage in Diablo 4. But, the most important part of the term is simply knowing what it means, and now you do.

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