What do the flame colors mean in MW3 Ranked Play?
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Sometimes when you’re playing Ranked Play in Call of Duty MW3, you’ll see some differently colored flames appear around your ranked icon. There are three different flame colors you can see in MW3 Ranked Play, but there’s little indication as to what they mean.

If you played Ranked Play last year during MW2, then you likely know what they mean, but might have forgotten what each color represents. In the guide below, I’ll go over what the flames indicate and what each color means in Ranked Play.

What all flame colors mean in MW3 Ranked Play

What the orange flame color looks like in Ranked Play. Screenshot via Upcomer

When you see a new flame appear on your ranked icon, it means you’re on a win streak. The three different flame colors represent various win streaks. So, basically, if you see a flame on your icon, then you’re doing pretty well in Ranked Play.

Below, you can see what win streak each flame color represents:

  • Orange: Three or four game win streak
  • Red: Five or six game win streak
  • Purple: Seven and above win streak

There are no colors above purple, so if you see someone with that flame color in a Ranked Play, you know they’ve won at least seven games in a row. Your flame color can only be reset by losing a match once you’ve reached a seven game win streak, so if you keep winning, the purple flame won’t disappear.

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Currently, there are no additional rewards in Ranked Play for going on a certain win streak. All a win streak does is showcase to your teammates and opponents that you’re on a heater.

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