What characters die during the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign?
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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign is both similar and unlike every previous Campaign from previous games in the series. While the mission structure is completely different, the death count throughout the various missions is as high as ever.

Naturally, you might be curious as to who ends up on the death counter after the end credits roll on the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. While you can be assured there are plenty of enemy deaths, there are also some main character deaths that will leave you spinning. Below, you can see a list of every key death in the MW3 Campaign so you can keep track of who’s alive and who isn’t.

Obviously, there are major spoilers for the Campaign in this guide, so I suggest not reading ahead until you are completely done with the story.

Every main character death in the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Image via Activision

As the MW3 Campaign is quite short, there isn’t a ton of time for too many characters to die throughout the 15 total missions.

However, there are two shocking deaths that completely shake up the members of TF-141 and Shadow Company. You might have even missed one of these deaths, as it takes place in a cutscene during the end credits. You can see who dies below:

John “Soap” MacTavish

Johnny is the first primary member of the modern TF-141 to die. Soap is described as “the best” of the group by Captain Price. This beloved character dies at the hands of Makarov and one of his guards during the final mission of the Campaign.

As he and Price are trying to defuse a bomb in a train station, Makarov and his guards come along and shoot Soap. However, in his last act, Soap saves Price by pushing Makarov as the terrorist is getting ready to pull the trigger on the Captain. The Campaign ends with the remaining members of TF-141 spreading Soap’s ashes on a cliffside.

While this is the end for Soap in the Campaign, he actually plays a major role in MW3 Zombies, which takes place before the events of the Campaign. So he’s not totally gone, at least for this game.

General Herschel Shepherd

This is the death you might have missed. During the end credits, a cutscene plays that sees Shepherd enter his office in Washington, D.C. Before he gets to do anything, though, Price emerges from the shadows and pulls a gun on the General.

After a little back and forth, Price pulls the trigger on Shepherd, killing him where he sits. There were a few different motives for Price choosing this route, but the primary one was likely seeing Shepherd lie in front of Congress, saying he didn’t authorize Shadow Company to fire on TF-141 during the events of the MW2 Campaign.

With Shepherd now out of the picture, it remains to be seen if there will be any repercussions for Price and if Shadow Company will continue to exist.

And those are the two main deaths that occur during the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. They are certainly sure to shake up future Modern Warfare Campaigns, but we have no idea in what way yet.

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