What changes need to be made to sniping in Black Ops Cold War?
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To say that Treyarch needs to make some changes in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer before November 13 is an understatement. Like every year before release, developers are slammed with taking the feedback from the beta and applying it to the final build of the game. In this case, the Treyarch devs have their work cut out for them, which we’ve previously talked about. However, one of the areas that’s a bit of an unknown is sniping. We know the snipers are being nerfed but it’s unclear what exactly is being worked on.

The sniping nerf in Black Ops Cold War

Treyarch has gone through a couple of iterations with the sniping in Black Ops Cold War. During the alpha weekend, the devs made it so snipers were extremely overpowered so they could get a basis on the weapons. This was ultimately changed for the beta but snipers still dominated online matches.

The top two reasons for this dominance is the fact that snipers feature aim assist and there’s no flinch. There hasn’t been aim assist on snipers in a Treyarch game since Black Ops 2, so this was a huge change. When aiming in, snipers now have a much easier time locking on to enemies.

Black Ops Cold War sniping nerf
Image via Activision

Also, within the entirety of multiplayer, there’s no flinch on the weapons. For the most part, this was a solid change, as flinch makes aiming down sights extremely unpredictable. However, with snipers, this just increases a player’s ability to hit shots.

All in all, the popular opinion of the player base is that Treyarch should address one of these areas before launch. Reducing or taking away the aim assist on snipers would have the most effect but the devs seem keen on keeping that feature for Black Ops Cold War. So, perhaps adding some flinch to snipers only could be the way to go.

Treyarch developer Tony Flame recently tweeted the studio is currently figuring out how to please the sniping community while also keeping the peace with other players.

Let’s hope that Flame and the other devs can accomplish what other studios haven’t been able to do.

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