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Super Mario Bros. Wonder may have some very interesting lore regarding the classic character Yoshi. While visiting the Flower Kingdom, Mario and the gang discover a treasure that can warp reality as they know it. But it’s not all whimsy as players start to discover the existence of a dragon in the kingdom.

As you make your way through the world of Wonder, you will notice hints of a powerful dragon, from fossils to some soaring in the distance. And you probably will realize they look a bit like Yoshi… So who are these dragons?

Who are the ancient dragons?

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you will come across fossils that look like Yoshi but larger. You can revive these creatures and discover they are ancient dragons that can fly through the sky. While they are definitely mystical and powerful, they are also pretty Yoshi-like in their appearance. Some have even pointed out that they seem like the dragons in Yoshi’s Story.

The ancient dragons will navigate through lava and lead you to Wonder Seeds. So these dragons aren’t evil. Now, players are wondering if they are connected to Yoshi in some way. Are they ancestors of the friendly dinosaur?

Ancient Dragons Mario Wonder

Where to find ancient dragons in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

You can find the ancient dragons in three key locations:

  • Dragon Boneyard
  • Deep Magma Bog Special Solar Roller
  • The Final Battle!

In the Dragon Boneyard, you can even ride on an ancient dragon, navigating obstacles and avoiding lava. With the dragons being so helpful and allowing you on their back, you won’t be able to help but see their connection to Yoshi.