What are Sideways weapons in Fortnite Season 8?
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The Sideways is a new twist as a part of Fortnite Season 8. It’s an alternate dimension that’s reminiscent of The Upside-Down from Netflix’s hit show “Stranger Things.” The Sideways in Fortnite comes with its own entrances, characters and even weapons. The dimension has been at the center of many Punchcard quests in Season 8 but Sledgehammer, a new NPC from the v18.30 update, requires players to do a deep dive of it.

Sledgehammer’s quests all involve The Sideways, which means players will be spending a decent chunk of time inside it. Of course, that is if they want the full 150,000 XP from completing his Punchcard quests. For many of his quests, players will need to understand what Sideways weapons are in Fortnite Season 8.

Sideways weapons in Fortnite

As the name suggests, Sideways weapons are guns that are only found in the purple dimension. Players will need to enter The Sideways through either an Anomaly or a Zone. They will then proceed to find some of the weapons. They can also tackle many of Sledgehammer’s Punchcard quests, the first being to open a Sideways chest.

Luckily, this is the only way that players can acquire a Sideways weapon. The chests are scattered around the area and players will need to open a couple in order to find a Sideways weapon. Once they do, they can begin mowing down Cube Monsters that will undoubtedly be coming at them. Doing this will complete both the second and third Punchcard quest for Sledgehammer. The third one requires players to damage Cube Monsters using a Sideways weapon, so players will need to remember to keep that specific gun out.

After players have dealt 150 damage to the monsters, they can move on to the fourth challenge. This is to collect Cube Monster Parts, which isn’t too difficult. All of these challenges are made easier with Sideways weapons, which consist of the following guns: Scythe, Minigun and Rifle. Any one of these weapons is perfect for these quests, provided players can stay alive long enough to fend off the number of Cube Monsters they need to.

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