Warzone Pacific glitch sees Gulag winners sent back to the lobby
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The first season of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific hasn’t gone smoothly, from numerous glitches to the imbalance of some weapons and mechanics. Most recently, players discovered a new bug with the Warzone Pacific Gulag.

The Gulag was changed with Warzone Pacific to match the new map Caldera’s tropical theme. It hasn’t caused too many issues up to this point, but two recent glitches have now popped up. The first allowed spectators to get onto the map and distract the two participants in their 1v1. The new one sees the actual winners of the 1v1 be forced back to the lobby, ending their current game.

New Warzone Pacific glitch surfaces in the Gulag

This new glitch is a first for any iteration of the Gulag in Warzone. The goal of being placed in the Gulag is to win the 1v1 fight against another fallen player in order to earn the right to spawn back into the actual match. Usually when players win their Gulag, they get to drop back into the game with the weapon they won their 1v1 with.

Over the last week or so, though, some players actually lose even when they win their 1v1 fight. A Redditor recently showcased what the experience looks like.

A new fairness mechanic has been added
byu/PinkLyfe69 inCODWarzone

The player in the clip clearly wins their Gulag fight and it seems like they’re about to spawn back onto the island. However, then the game cuts to the death screen and forces the player back to the pre-game lobby. They still receive their XP for competing in the match but, obviously, that’s not what Gulag winners want to see.

Raven Software has yet to comment on this particular issue. If it’s a legitimate bug, though, players should see an update about it posted to the Warzone Trello board.

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