Warzone cheat developers announce they've been shut down by Activision
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Call of Duty: Warzone has had a major cheating problem since it launched back in March of 2020. Cheaters have come from far and wide to use their hacking programs to disrupt the gameplay of the battle royale. The cheats, of course, have originated from developers who have time and time again found a way to navigate around the cheat detection in Warzone. However, with the arrival of Activision’s new RICOCHET Anti-Cheat, some developers are being forced to shut down their services in Warzone.

One specific cheat developer specializing in Call of Duty recently announced that Activision sent a cease and desist letter to them. This letter apparently asked the developers to stop using and selling their cheats in Warzone or else they would face legal action.

Cheat developers forced to shut down Warzone operations

The cheat developer in question is known as Golden Gun, or GG for short. They posted a short message in a Discord server, stating Activision told them they were in violation of their Terms of Service. This effectively ended the developer’s services with any Activision product.

Cheat developer shut down in Warzone
The Golden Gun statement from a Discord server. | Provided by ModernWarzone

The statement goes on to say that the whole matter is of a legal nature and has nothing to do with the upcoming RICOCHET Anti-Cheat. It sounds as though the developers were ready and willing to go to court against the Anti-Cheat software to continue producing cheats in Warzone. However, due to the cease and desist, they won’t get that chance. This means players still don’t know how effective RICOCHET will be at stopping cheaters in Warzone.

This marks the second large Warzone cheat developer shut down by Activision this year. Earlier this year, Activision sent another cease and desist to developer X22 Cheats. This shut them down as well, as they haven’t produced a cheat since the letter was received.

RICOCHET launches with Warzone on Dec. 8 with the start of Season 1 in Vanguard.

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