WarOwl shows off third-person CSGO mode, discusses its viability
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Popular CSGO YouTuber and streamer WarOwl has released a video showcasing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in third-person. This was yet another video where WarOwl plays competitive in an entirely different manner. The YouTuber also suggested the mode could be possible to implement officially in the game due to character skins.

How is this possible?

WarOwl explains that game code existed enabling the player to see in third-person. The YouTuber created his own config for the mode to make it somewhat playable. Of course, playing with a third-person camera is not allowed in competitive matchmaking and will most likely get you VAC banned if attempted. We advise you not to try attempting to play with a third-person camera on any official CSGO servers.

Does third-person work in CSGO?

The answer is no, it doesn’t. The video showcases WarOwl and other popular YouTubers such as Hougnagne playing CSGO competitive mode in third-person on a dedicated server. Despite its being somewhat fun and entirely different, there were a few quirks that strained the playability of the game in such a way.

As WarOwl explains, the spraying is extremely difficult as you don’t really “feel” the spray, and therefore it is hard to adjust it to spray properly. Throwing smokes in third-person requires complete readjustment due to the new camera view. On top of that, as it is always with a third-person camera, players are given an advantage at peeking corners. This gives a huge edge to the Counter-Terrorist side as they can passively hide behind an angle and peek at the right moment to surprise an oncoming Terrorist opponent.

Additionally, all scoped weapons are somewhat broken. When using an AWP, WarOwl could see his character model as well as the scope, making it a weird way to scope.

View when scoping in third-person with an AWP.

Possible mode in Counter-Strike? 

Ultimately, WarOwl funnily suggests that a third-person mode is somewhat possible. In recent months, the developers (Valve) have added character models that change your look. Being a first-person shooter, you cannot see your model. A third-person mode enables the player to see their model and would make character skins more viable and perhaps valuable to players. However, this would require the gameplay of CSGO to change drastically. An entirely new mode would need to be created to cater for the differences in gameplay that come with a third-person view. You can check out the video down below.

What do you think of the third-person mode in CSGO? Is this something you would be willing to play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Follow Daily Esports for all your latest CSGO news.