VS 2018: Garen vs. Darius | Full Event Breakdown
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The next League of Legends event has been announced. VS 2018 will run from June 27, at 8:00 AM to July 10, at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time).

The first edition of the “Versus” event took place less than a year ago. The event pitted Riven and Yasuo against each other and introduced several in-game missions that were themed around the two champions. VS 2018 spawns a new battle: Garen vs. Darius. The 2018 event will add several new missions to the in-game client, as well as new icons, wards, emotes and a pair of Legendary skins.

New Additions

VS 2018 runs a special “spirit animal” theme. God-King Garen features a blue and white Lion, while God-King Darius commands a red and black Wolf. These beasts are heavily featured in each champion’s Legendary skin, as well as their in-game visual effects. The Lion and the Wolf are also the main themes for the new icons, wards and emotes.

VS 2018 introduces new Summoner Icons, Ward Skins and Emotes

The game is also introducing two new limited edition emotes that will be removed from the game permanently once the event ends.

VS 2018 adds two limited edition emotes to the game

All of the items displayed above can be purchased directly and individually with RP. The banner icons cost 250 RP each, the wards cost 640, and each emote comes for 350 RP (both regular and limited). Some additional unlockables can be obtained through RP bundles, event tokens, or with good crafting luck. For example, the “Lion’s Covenant” and “Wolf’s Pact” summoner icons (pictured below) can only be obtained as part of a 5,000 RP event bundle.

Lion's Covenant and Wolf's Pact Summoner Icons


During the event, players will be able to obtain up to 200 “VS Tokens” through the in-game missions list and the limited currency will also be on sale in RP event bundles. VS Tokens can be used to unlock additional icons, champion shards, key fragments and blue essence. They can also be used to unlock Lion and Wolf Orbs, as well as limited edition bundles for Garen and Darius. The bundles cost 150 VS Tokens each and come with a God-King loading screen border, God-King champion icon and God-King crown icon for the champion of choice.

The Lion and Wolf Orbs contain skin shards and have a chance of giving additional rare rewards

Unlocking Orbs gives the player a chance at additional rewards. Each Orb comes with a random skin shard and also has a small chance of including orange essence (12.5% chance), a gemstone (5.4%), a gemstone skin (0.06%), or a VS Bag (3.5%).

Each VS Bag contains five skin shards for champions of the same faction. This means that if you happen to get a Demacian VS Bag, it will only contain shards for Fiora, Galio, Garen, Jarvan, Lucian, Lux, Poppy, Quinn, Shyvana, Sona, Vayne or Xin Zhao. That particular bag will not have skin shards for a Noxian champion.

VS Bags each contain five skin shards of champions from the same faction


Along with the VS 2018 limited-time missions, the ARURF (All-Random Ultra-Rapid-Fire) special game mode will also return. We covered the last time the event was featured in the game as a result of the canceled Clash tournament. ARURF will be around for the entire duration of the event so be prepared to smash that keyboard.

ARURF weekend event replaces Clash

Legendary Skins

For a closer look at the newest Legendary Skins, we’ve included both champion splash screens (click to enlarge), as well as spotlight videos courtesy of Skin Spotlights on YouTube.

God-King Garen – Legendary Skin Spotlight

God-King Garen

Login Screen Video | Skin Spotlight Video

God-King Darius – Legendary Skin Spotlight

God-King Darius

Login Screen Video | Skin Spotlight Video

For a more detailed understanding of all of the new unlockables and RP bundles, a complete list of all of the new missions, and a list of which faction each champion belongs to, visit the official League of Legends website.