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After a six-day long tournament, Vitality won against Astralis in the grand final of the CS:GO Blast Premier Fall Final to take home the 225,000 prize pool along with a spot in the Blast Global Final. To get to the grand final, Team Vitality defeated Mousesports, NaVi, and BIG. They continue to prove the effectiveness of a six-man roster with the recent addition of Nivera in October.

Nivera of Team Vitality

Map 1 – Vertigo

On Vertigo, Vitality seemed to have Astralis all figured out. Misutaaa was running circles around Astralis’s T side, giving them no space to try anything at all. It was only after eight rounds that Astralis were able to put their first on the board. Vitality dominating Astralis in this matter seemed to foreshadow a comfortable 2-0 for Vitality. In addition to Vitality players over-performing, Astralis could not do anything and almost always lost the opening pick against Vitality. Without Magisk and Dupreeh, a 12-3 half could have easily turned into a 15-0 half, which would have been even more embarrassing. In the second half, Vitality was quick to get the last four rounds, with Astralis only getting one more to end the map 16-4.

Map 2 – Dust2

Map two had Nivera coming in for Misutaaa, despite Misutaa’s performance on Vertigo. This decision possibly contributed to Astralis’s early dominance on their CT side and did not allow Vitality to get on the board until the 9th round. Despite Astralis being up 11-4 at the half, Vitality was determined not to go down without a fight. On Vitality’s CT side, they had a six-round winning streak and made it to 14 before Astralis won the last three rounds to win the map. The difference between maps one and two was device. Device was terrific on Dust2 and racked up 26 kills, fueling the Astralis comeback.

Map 3 – Inferno

CT Sides seemed to be the dominant side for both teams as, once again, Vitality had a spectacular CT side. After a pistol win for Astralis, Vitality immediately turned it around on the force buy and strung seven rounds together. Although a few rounds were close, Vitality always managed to clutch the round and ended the half 12-3. It would take a miracle for Astralis to come back as they would have to win 13 rounds in return. Unfortunately, no miracle was coming. Vitality won the pistol round and quickly shut down the force-buy from Astralis. Although Astralis won the next two rounds, Vitality closed out the match 16-5 to take home the trophy.

To see details on the tournaments’ earlier games, you can check out a day one or day two recap of Blast Premier Fall Final and stay tuned for articles about the upcoming Blast Global Final. Also, you can see the HLTV match page for the Astralis vs. Vitality Blast Premier Fall Final here.

Zain Merchant is an Esports writer who has previously worked with Team Dignitas. He loves FPS games such as Valorant, Counter-Strike and Valorant.