Vitality triumphs over mousesports at EPICENTER as ZywOo shines
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Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut has once again proven his worth by carrying Vitality to an EPICENTER victory over mousesports in Moscow, Russia in a three-map thriller. ZywOo had already shown that he is on a roll right now after his impressive form in the last matchup of the group stage over Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Na’Vi.

ZywOo ends the year with a statement

ZywOo’s comeback desire has apparently carried over from the matchup against Na’Vi. Similarly to the group stage match, Vitality dropped the first map, Inferno, to then get back on track and snatch the next two maps, Mirage and Nuke, in order to win the series and lift the trophy. ZywOo and co. could have closed things out much earlier if not for the head-to-head battle on Inferno. The European medley of mousesports clinched the map in overtime at 19-16. Nevertheless, it was ZyWoo who emerged as by far the most impactful player on the server after the first map.

He carried his mojo to the subsequent map, Mirage. After a close first half at 8-7 for mousesports, Robin “ropz” Kool’s and Chris “chrisJ” de Jong’s best efforts were simply not enough to stop ZywOo on t-side. The Frenchman got 33 frags and grabbed the second map for Vitality.

The decider, Nuke, saw a weaker ZywOo, who still got the most opening kills and AWP kills on the server in the end. This time, tank Cédric “RpK” Guipouy along with Alex “ALEX” McMeekin put Vitality in the driver’s seat to a relatively easy victory of 16-9 on Nuke.

ZywOo has received the MVP award at the event. This will be his fifth MVP award in his career, an incredible feat at age 19.

Mousesports fall short to grab 4 in a row

The European powerhouse has failed to snatch a fourth consecutive LAN win in Moscow. Nevertheless, mousesports has shown great promise and potential going into the 2020 CSGO season. Hopefully, we’ll see more of the same from chrisJ and co. in the coming year.

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