Vision Strikers win streak continues with series over World Game Star
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Editors note: This story was corrected April 11 to included the correct figure for consecutive wins by the organization.

Vision Strikers continue their wild win streak with another victory at the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Challengers 1 event. The Korean Masters 1 champions defeated World Game Star to notch their 102nd consecutive series win as an organization.

The VALORANT website has their win total at 61, but Vision Strikers provided a list of lower round official matches that were not counted.

Vision Strikers win streak
Image via Vision Strikers

The team debuted at the Asian Training Tour and have not lost since.

Vision Strikers win streak
Image via Vision Strikers

Vision Strikers defeat World Game Star

The Vision Strikers win streak started as soon as the team came together. They have not lost since the team’s inception. In their game today, Vision Strikers came close to ending its unprecedented streak. World Game Star took the first map, Ascent, in the three-map series. The teams split the first half, 6-6, but World Game Star went on a run after the first round of the second half. Vision Strikers dropped five straight rounds after winning the pistol round. At map point, Vision Strikers almost pulled the map into overtime, but gave away the final round.

World Game Star’s best player that map was Kim “HANN” Dong-ho who pulled out Yoru to put up 21 kills. The series then went to Split. Vision Strikers took the map in a similar fashion to World Game Star previously. They won 11 rounds before their opponents tied the score at 11-11. Vision Strikers then won the final two rounds to force a third map.

The final map, Haven, was more Vision Strikers sided as they dealt World Game Star a 13-6 loss. Three Vision Strikers players logged 19 kills or above on the map while World Game Star’s top player earned 18.

The team is still the top-ranked squad in their region and is its assumed representative at Masters 2 in Iceland. To qualify for the event, Vision Strikers would need to qualify for Challengers 2 playoffs with one more win against F4Q next week, April 15. They would then need to run through the bracket, adding four more series wins to their streak.

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