Vision Strikers qualify for VCT Champions after win against Acend
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Thanks to their win against Acend in Group A of VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin, Vision Strikers have locked in their spot at Champions. The No.1 South Korean seed now has enough VCT circuit points — 140 plus the 275 they earned from their qualification to the playoffs stage of Masters Berlin — to earn an automatic slot in the year-end tournament.

They join Sentinels, KRÜ Esports and X10 Esports as teams who have qualified to the tournament already.

Vision Strikers journey to Champions qualification

Vision Strikers started their VALORANT journey as the undisputed best team in South Korea in 2020. They won their region’s First Strike tournament and continued an over-100 match win streak into the VCT era. They did not lose a match in Stage 1, winning VCT Masters 1 in their region over NUTURN Gaming. The team did drop maps during this run but, thanks to South Korea’s format that allows for ties in the group stage, the team kept their unbeaten streak.

That dominance came to an end in VCT Stage 2 as F4Q beat the VALORANT powerhouse in the second group stage 2-1, knocking them into the lower bracket. Vision Strikers rebounded from the loss and left their group, but failed to qualify for VALORANT’s first international LAN at Masters Reykjavík. They lost to eventual South Korean representatives NUTURN in a 0-2 sweep.

While a shocking loss, these consistent high placements secured the team 140 total VCT circuit points and a prime position in the race to Champions qualification.

In Stage 3, Vision Strikers changed up their roster with the addition of two new players. They burned through the competition in their home region, only dropping one map in the Stage 3 finals to F4Q. Now, the once oppressively dominant squad has a debut on the international stage with two 2-0 sweeps of Paper Rex from South East Asia and Acend from Europe, the Middle East and Africa region.

Champions is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 2.

Declan is an esports journalist and part-time editor for Upcomer. He is an avid gamer and League of Legends player. You can find him at the bottom of the leaderboard in most games or on Twitter.