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The Esports team “Dignitas” signed a partnership with betting website in 2019 for their Super Smash Bros., Rocket League, and female CS:GO teams. But, it was not until January of 2020 that Dignitas signed the Legendary ex-NiP Roster for their official male CS:GO team. Recently, obtained the namings rights to the male Counter-Strike team. However, there is more to this deal than what meets the eye.

Why this matters

Back in mid-2018, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey signed a bill that legalized sports betting in Jersey. In 2019, Dignitas opened a new facility in Newark, across the street from the home of NHL’s New Jersey Devils. Dignitas is the first esports organization to open a gaming facility in New Jersey. Now, with this partnership and sports betting legal,’s parent company, Esports Entertainment Group, became an SEC Issuer in the U.S. The result will be even more transparency and giving users the best experience possible.

Background on the Dignitas CS:GO team

Dignitas’s male CS:GO team has already become very popular from their vast achievements. For example, their record in majors put them as one of the best teams in the early years of CS:GO, placing top 2 in the first five majors. On top of that, they showed they were the best team in the world by winning 87 maps on LAN in a row, something that no other team has come close to accomplishing. So, when Dignitas announced the reunion of this team, people all over the world were excited to see what this legendary roster could achieve.

With this partnership, will undoubtedly become a more significant name in the world of esports betting. Vice President of Marketing, Magnus Leppäniemi said in the companies’ press release that this is an “opportunity that can introduce our brand to millions of esports fans globally and help establish our status as a Tier 1 operator within esports betting.”

Zain Merchant is an Esports writer who has previously worked with Team Dignitas. He loves FPS games such as Valorant, Counter-Strike and Valorant.