Valorant Pro Crosshairs RANKED — From S Tier to WTF | Top Tier Ep. 15
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Tyler Erzberger Host
Yinsu Collins Host
Nick Ray Host
Colin McNeil Supervising Producer
Lexi Johnson Video Editor
Ivan Cortez Graphic Designer
Spencer Pascoe Assistant Producer

Ever wonder who has the best crosshair in VALORANT? Or … the worst? This week on Top Tier, we answer that question.

The Upcomer crew ranked the best and worst crosshairs to ever make their way into professional VALORANT. Hosts Yinsu, Tyler, Nick and Colin went head-to-head to debate which of these crosshairs should be sent to the FPS hall of fame, and which mean your teammate is intentionally trolling.

Custom crosshairs have always been an important staple in the competitive FPS community. You never want to get caught online using the default crosshair, regardless of what FPS game you are playing. Since its initial release in June of 2020, VALORANT has had some of the most creative and diverse crosshairs of any competitive FPS title. It is probably the only tactical shooter where you can make a crosshair that looks like an Among Us Crewmate.

Now, is it realistic to ever see this crosshair used in a pro match? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been one or two eye-sores that made appearances on the big stage. TENSTAR’s Mathilde “Nelo” Beltoise famously used one of the chunkiest crosshairs in the history of pro VALORANT during her match against G2 Esports at VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers EMEA Series 2. Now, we’re not saying the crosshair had anything to do with this, but TENSTAR did actually reverse sweep G2 in that match. And, in the end, they ended up taking first place in the entire tournament. Was it a coincidence? You tell me.

From the classic T’s to the single dots and even the frosted donuts, this is a must-watch episode for anyone looking to step up their crosshair game.

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