Video: Hot Tub Streams — The Controversial Twitch Trend Built on a Loophole
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Adam Neylan Writer
Tomas Roldan Video Editor
Adam Fitzsimmons Lead Graphic Designer
Colin McNeil Supervising Producer

When you think of a hot tub what comes to mind? Afternoons by the pool? Hot summer nights? Or maybe just a sense of relaxation. Well, since the start of 2021, no one on Twitch has been able to relax. The reason? Hot tub streams. More specifically, inflatable hot tub streams.

A new trend has been taking over the Just Chatting section of Twitch. Streamers with channels of all sizes have found a new sure-fire way to increase viewership, court donators, and piss off half of the Twitch community in the process. This trend is hot tub streaming.

How it started

Just four months ago, hot tub streaming became especially popular with women creators focused on audience engagement. And much to the chagrin of some elements of the viewer base, it was all happening above board thanks to specific language and exceptions in the nudity section of the Twitch terms of service. At the core of the hot tub issue, there is an ongoing debate as old as Twitch itself. It’s a war some say is about bodily autonomy, and others claim is for the soul of twitch.

Starting as a novelty, before becoming a meme, then a genre defining meta, this trend would go on to spark one of the biggest controversies the platform has seen to date.

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