VALORANT's Mastermind The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of ShahZaM
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Charlie Howard Writer
Yovcho Yovchev Video Editor
Adam Fitzsimmons Lead Graphic Designer
Colin McNeil Supervising Producer

This is the Rise, Fall and Rise Again of ShahZaM.

Sentinels’ incredible success is, in part, due to one man: their in-game-leader and mastermind, ShahZaM. But before taking Sentinels to the top, ShahZaM was a long-time Counter-Strike pro whose career was… stagnating. 

In truth, ShahZaM was what you’d call a journeyman.

Consistent, reliable and always a part of the North American CS picture. But, when NA stepped up and showed the world that the region could compete with the best, he was always somewhere off in the background of that picture. If things didn’t change, history was doomed to repeat itself; constantly signing with a new org and playing for a few months before getting dropped when things didn’t work out.

But, ShahZaM rolled the dice. He traded in his Counter-Strike career to pursue Riot Games’ new FPS title VALORANT. And, in exchange, he became the centerpiece of an organization at the top of their esport.

So here is the Rise, Fall and Rise Again of ShahZaM.

The Rise and Fall

Since the very early days of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan has been a staple of the North American scene. At one point in time or another, he wore the colors of almost every major NA organization. And, with that, one would assume that ShahZaM’s career is littered with big LAN victories, iconic major runs and highlights for the ages. But, again and again, ShahZaM always seemed to be in the right place, just at the wrong time. He ultimately missed out on all those legendary marquee moments for NA. However, ShaZaM would rise again.

Experience the rest of the Rise, Fall and Rise Again of ShaZaM by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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