Video: We Ranked Every Single Knife Skin in Valorant | Top Tier Ep.23
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Yinsu Collins Host
Nick Ray Host
Parkes Ousley Writer
Lexi Johnson Video Editor
Ivan Cortez Graphic Designer
Adam Fitzsimmons Lead Graphic Designer
Spencer Pascoe Assistant Producer

This week on Top Tier, we’re ranking every knife skin in VALORANT.

Knife skins have been a point of debate ever since they were introduced in competitive FPS games. But which VALORANT knife skins are actually worth spending your hard-earned cash on, and which are better left untouched in the store?

Knife skins in VALORANT are generally known for being ridiculously overpriced, especially those considered to be the best and most desired. But that doesn’t mean a good deal is impossible to find in this game. For example, the Artisan Sword is a beautiful knife skin. It’s extremely unique and the design is almost flawless. Unlike a lot of the desired skins in VALORANT, which can only be bought in the store at a premium price, this one was part of the REFLECTION: Act 2 Battle Pass.

Battle Passes are much more affordable ways to acquire gun and knife skins. However, the trade-off comes with the in-game time required to earn enough experience and unlock everything you have paid for. For the most part, Battle Pass skins are considered less desirable than those purchased directly from the store as sets. But, every now and then, they include one beautiful skin that makes the entire Battle Pass worth it, like the Artisan Sword.

Join our Top Tier hosts Yinsu Collins, Nick Ray, Parkes Ousley and Coby Zucker as they rank each and every VALORANT knife.

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