100 Thieves Asuna Talks Anime, His Rivals in Berlin | Showstopper Ep. 16
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Yinsu Collins Host
Tyler Erzberger Host
Adrian Sandrovcan Video Editor
Adam Fitzsimmons Lead Graphic Designer
Colin McNeil Supervising Producer
Spencer Pascoe Assistant Producer

This week on Showstopper, Upcomer’s weekly VALORANT talk show, hosts Yinsu Collins and Tyler “Fionn” Erzberger sat down with VALORANT prodigy, 100 Thieves aim star, anime aficionado and, of course, First Strike NA Champion Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk. Asuna shared his experience balancing a professional esports career with high school. He talked about how he was able to manage good grades through time management and making sure his school work was finished before jumping on the server; a serious tip for any aspiring young esports players.

Asuna also previewed his upcoming trip to VCT Masters 3 Berlin and how he is expecting great things from each NA team. He answered our hosts’ questions on VALORANT agents and fellow pros like Gambit’s nAts and Acend’s cNed. He also revealed that he and pro South East Asian player f0rsakeN, who will be in Berlin with Paper Rex, have the same best friend thanks to a student exchange program.

But, this Showstopper is not just for the VALORANT fans; it’s all about the anime. Tyler and Yinsu quiz Asuna on his favorite anime shows and films. Much to the shock of our two hosts, who pride themselves as anime veterans, Asuna mentioned that he is a bit underwhelmed by Dragon Ball. They also traded show and manga recommendations, and even tier list VALORANT pros’ anime profile pictures.

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