Vermintide 2 Versus will still mostly be about cooperation
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Nobody is more excited than us for the upcoming Vermintide 2 Versus mode. The recently announced competitive mode will pit two four-player teams in a battle across one of Vermintide 2‘s sprawling campaign maps. We reached out to developer Fatshark to learn more about what Versus mode will be like.

Versus mode is still Vermintide, but harder

“We want players to experience our traditional maps with the added complexity of player-controlled opponents,” Fatshark co-founder Martin Wahlund told us. “One team will be playing Heroes while the Pactsworn team will try to stop their progress.”

Vermintide 2 veterans can attest to how punishingly unpredictable the enemy AI is. Versus mode is sure to turn that up to 11, as the Skaven and Chaos Specials – now played by human opponents – display new and more sinister tactics. In a nutshell, Versus mode will still be very much a cooperative game. Only now, two teams will cooperate against each other.

“At the end of the round, the teams switch sides and play again to determine what team performed best,” Wahlund said. So the Ubersreik team will have a chance for payback after getting pounced, choked, sucked, and flung around in the air for a round.

Tools of the trade

The heroes of Ubersereik do not step up to the forces of Destruction unprepared. Vermintide 2 offers players a slew of customization options. The game’s 15 classes each have their own skill trees and unique melee and ranged weapons. Will the Pactsworn have a similarly flexible arsenal at their disposal?

“We have no plans to add gameplay-altering equipment for the Pactsworn team,” Wahlund said. That makes sense. Vermintide 2′s Specials come equipped with their own iconic murder-gear, like the Ratling gun and the Packmaster’s hook. Some flexibility may yet be introduced to their skill sets, however, according to Wahlund.

“We want there to be customization options,” he said, adding that they have not decided on the details for said customization yet.

Vermintide 2 Versus mode competitive

Versus mode will arrive after Winds of Magic

We don’t have an official launch date yet, but it’s safe to say we are a few months away. While Fatshark’s team is developing Versus mode, Vermintide 2‘s upcoming expansion is still their top priority.

“First we focus on releasing the Winds of Magic expansion, which will be out in August,” Wahlund said. In the meantime, eager players can sign up for the Versus mode beta.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Vermintide 2 Versus updates!