Vending machines could be making a comeback in Fortnite Season 2
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One of the biggest changes in Fortnite from Season X to Chapter 2 Season 1 is the introduction of Workbenches. These useful upgrade systems allow players to exchange materials for a rarity upgrade on their current weapon. The higher the rarity, the more materials the Workbench needs to upgrade the gun. This is certainly an innovative idea, but many players miss the previous version of this system, being vending machines. Before they were removed, vending machines gave out free weapons one time per match. However, there were far more vending machines than Workbenches, making them easier to access.

However, Epic Games decided to replace the machines with Workbenches in Fortnite Season 1. Although, thanks to a recent bugged clip, we may have gotten an insight into Epic’s plans for vending machines come Season 2.

Fortnite bringing back vending machines?

With Season 2 just on the horizon, Epic Games is likely testing the new content that will release with it. This way, they can set into motion each piece of content swiftly and, hopefully, bug-free.

Though, a bug is exactly what we’re going to be talking about. One player, who posted this footage to Reddit, landed in a glitched spot of Craggy Cliffs. You can see the clip down below.

Are vending machines possibly going to make a comeback? Saw this in a duos game last night. You see a vending machine for a split second. from FortNiteBR

While this is nowhere near a confirmation, it is interesting. Vending machines haven’t made an appearance on the Chapter 2 map up to this point, so they should have no business being there. However, there was clearly a vending machine placed in a spot we’ve traditionally seen them in previous seasons.

Vending machines, though not anything groundbreaking, served a purpose and gave players extra options in terms of loot. It seems that Epic may be tinkering with the idea of bringing back the machines.

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