Vanguard player showcases the power of the Piercing Vision perk
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There are a plethora of powerful perks to use in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer. From Ninja to Forward Intel, players can’t go wrong for the most part when selecting a perk to use for their loadout. However, there’s one perk that actually gives players free wallhacks called Piercing Vision and it’s located in the second perk slot of Vanguard multiplayer.

This perk lets players see the enemies they’ve suppressed through any surface. Players suppress enemies when they damage them, so one shot qualifies for suppression. Once players damage an enemy, they’ll become highlighted in a bright color if players are using the Piercing Vision perk. One recent reddit post showcased just how strong this perk can be in multiplayer.

The power of Piercing Vision in Vanguard

The reddit post has garnered over 100 upvotes on the Vanguard subreddit and has led to numerous conversations surrounding its use. The clip shows a player using the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle and killing three players through a wall because of Piercing Vision.

I still can’t believe we have such a perk.
byu/Racingislyf inCODVanguard

Being able to see enemies through an entire section of a wall is an incredible power to bestow upon a player. Players in the comments of the post said they “run Piercing Vision on every build.”

While Piercing Vision is powerful, some players argued that it’s necessary on certain maps due to the bad visibility. With maps like Red Star and Numa Numa, players need all the help they can get with seeing enemies beyond a few meters. The commenter also explained that Piercing Vision can be helpful with earning longshots and bullet penetration kills for weapon camo challenges.

If players run Piercing Vision, they immediately gain a giant advantage over their opponents. It seems unlikely that Sledgehammer Games will nerf the perk anytime soon, so players might want to get used to being shot through walls.

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