Vanguard Incendiary Grenades are still overpowered after their nerf
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Many Call of Duty: Vanguard players were ecstatic when they saw the patch notes for the mid-season update, especially for the nerf to fire damage and the infamous Incendiary Grenade. However, that excitement was short-lived, as players soon found out that the Incendiary Grenades are still far too powerful in Vanguard.

The grenade was a part of the Season 1 content drop and, since its release, it has wreaked havoc on players with its high damage and obnoxious smoke. On smaller maps, players can hardly move or see, due to so many enemies throwing the grenade every time they spawn in. The mmid-season update was supposed to fix some of these issues but it’s barely moved the needle, as Vanguard players have showcased following the update’s release.

Incendiary Grenades remain OP in Vanguard

One of the main issues with the Incendiary Grenade is how much smoke and fire it produces after it lands on the ground. With more than a couple of them on the ground, players can barely see five feet in front of them. When playing a map like Shipment, this problem becomes all too apparent.

A redditor recently showed just how bad this experience can be to the community.

So glad they sorted the Incedinary Grenade! The damage was the only thing making it broken
byu/ObamaFlows inCODVanguard

The player in the community is surrounded by Incendiary Grenades and, as soon as they walk into one, their entire screen turns to fire. This persists through death, which usually comes quick thanks to the inability to see anything around them.

Sledgehammer Games has addressed the problem and is working on a fix for the smoke, specifically. The Call of Duty Twitter account tweeted out lists of what the developers are working on and that issue was present. The developers made a note saying “shotgun nerfs and smoke reduction on Incendiary Rounds” are a part of “known issues being worked on.”

It’s unclear when a patch could arrive to fix the Incendiary Grenades and any other problem in Vanguard.

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