Vancouver Titans smash map win record in Overwatch League
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History has been made in the Overwatch League. The Vancouver Titans smashed the game win record just the other day. The multitude of factors that led to this historic event in the league ended up being as crazy as the accomplishment itself. As of today, their current (active) winning streak is an outstanding 17-0. How did an expansion team do this so quickly?

Vancouver Titans: humble beginnings

The Vancouver Titans came out of Korean Contenders team RunAway. The team had gone through a lot — from the owner not being able to afford his players, to choking in multiple big tournaments in Korea. But just before the inaugural season of the Overwatch League ended, RunAway won Korean Contenders in one of the best games in Overwatch history. They finally won their first major title, as a team with a lot of players who have been playing since the creation of the team. Not too long after, the Overwatch League expanded and every team wanted players from RunAway. But they didn’t want to be split up — they wanted to stay as a team, and the city of Vancouver was the only one who could afford them in the end.

Running away with a title

Everyone was optimistic but cautious about how Vancouver Titans would play. They had previous synergy, and a lot of on-stage experience in Korea. Some of their players have been on this team since the game released in 2016. Those same players are tearing up the league right now, under the names Sangbeom “BUMPER” Park and Hyojong “Haksal” Kim. While people expected them to be good, very few expected the 17-0 record streak they are on right now.

That 17-game winning streak includes them winning the stage one playoffs in a close game with the San Francisco Shock. They recently passed the Boston Uprising’s infamous 14-game winning streak that I wrote about last season. And honestly, I don’t see them slowing down. It’s going to be all on the Shock to stop this. They’re the only team that has truly taken them to the brink.

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