Valve releases the International 11 Dota 2 Battle Pass
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Valve is releasing an all-new Battle Pass for the build-up towards Dota’s biggest event of the year, The International 11. The all-new Dota 2 Battle Pass takes a red, volcanic theme and features a whole bunch of new sets, personas and most importantly, immortal chests.

What is included in the International 11 Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass has four main large rewards, with the long-awaited Faceless Void arcana at the top of the list. The design is a callback to the Hero’s original design in the original Dota custom game, with tendrils coming out of the mouth area. It also comes with many custom animations for all of Void’s abilities and an alternate style unlock that requires 250 unique kills in a Chronosphere.

Along with the Faceless Void arcana at level 495 (around $200) players can also get Razor Arcana at level 383 (around $150), Phantom Assassin persona at level 296 (around $100) and the Crystal Maiden persona at level 148 (around $50). While these are all planned to be released, the only one available at the moment is the Faceless Void arcana. The rest of the sets will be released throughout the duration of the International 11.

The two parts and Diretide!

Unlike other years, the Battle Pass was released a lot closer to the event and Valve has worked to reconcile that. This year’s Battle Pass now features two separate parts; the first will take place before the International 11, and another part releases after the event. In the second part, a familiar event will be returning for players — Diretide! The exclusive event will now happen after the International 11 and players will have access to the winter-based event for a month or two after.

In addition to the new sets being released, players will have more of the same content that is released every year. A whole host of new stickers, emotes, couriers and custom towers. Players will be able to double down on their MMR gains and play fantasy with a whole host of new sticker capsules.

Just like every year, getting a Battle Pass to level 1000 grats the player an exclusive Aegis of the Immortal that is only sent out to players who have reached the level. It’s time to farm cavern crawls and challenges!

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