Valve releases new Dota Battle Pass and Aghanim's Labyrinth
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Valve released a new Dota update on Wednesday that includes a new event mode and a new Battle Pass for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit season. Players can gain levels for the Battle Pass by completing quests, which will be updated every week.

Valve releases new Battle Pass and event mode

Return to the labyrinth to save Aghanim from his dopplegangers as the Aghanim’s Labyrinth game mode returns this Christmas. Teams of four can work together to traverse this Dota 2 roguelike. Upgrade abilities after defeating waves of enemies in fun and interesting ways. Collect gold by hooking fish out of the river, or bursting balloons with Hoodwink’s Boomerang. With five levels of difficulty there is a different type of fun for every player.

The release of Aghanim’s Labyrinth also marks the release of the new Battle Pass. In the Battle Pass, players will find a new Drow Ranger Arcana, unlocked at level 333.  The “Dread Retribution” Arcana includes an all-new model, custom animations and effects, more than 800 new voicelines, new hero assets, and an unlockable second style: Master of Madness. In order to unlock the second style, players will need to collect 100 revenge points. One revenge point is awarded every time an enemy hero kills Drow Ranger and she is able to kill them back and win the game. For every game won with zero deaths, players can gain three revenge points. Players will also get the Mirana’s Dota: Dragon’s Blood persona after getting their Battle Pass up to level 195. Finally, Hoodwink has also gotten its own skin – the Tomo’Kan Incarnate. It features custom animations and an icon for its Scurry ability.

The Battle Pass also comes with 10 new immortal items, cavern crawl sets and exclusive map skins. Players can complete the cavern crawl by choosing the heroes listed before every branching path. Players will receive a new Bounty Hunter, Treant Protector or Faceless Void skin depending on the path they choose to take.

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