Valorant's Mamba Mode Gaming disbands after CEO goes missing
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Mambo Mode Gaming, a top 15 Valorant team in North America, has officially disbanded under strange circumstances. The CEO, Gabe Ren (known as Mamba), has been missing for roughly two weeks without a word.

Here’s what we know about the story so far, along with what will become of the team.

Mamba Mode Gaming CEO goes missing

A TwitLonger from the team manager, Monkey Mode Gaming aka Creed, explained that Ren has gone missing in the past, but always turned up after several days. This time, his disappearance has lasted for two weeks, and he has yet to respond to any direct messages, texts, or phone calls.

Despite apparently going off the grid, players from the team claim they have seen Ren playing Bloon’s Tower Defense 6 on Steam. It thereby implies that he’s been active on his computer and blatantly ignoring members of his team.

Ren still owes the players from Mamba Mode Gaming over $3,500 in salary and prize winnings. It seems likely that he decided to keep the money and abandon the team. Creed states that the players will invoke the Occupational Abandonment Clause in their contract, nullifying the contract and disbanding the team.

The team was fairly successful in North America

Mamba Mode Gaming has been competing in tournaments since July 2020 and has had some success. They finished first in the Nerd Street Gamers Open #15, first in the Pulse Series, first in the Nerd Street Gamers November Qualifier, and First in the Valorant Sunday Showdown Week 35.

The team definitely has a lot of talent, and it seems extremely odd that the CEO would abandon them. The players will all undoubtedly be seeking new teams to continue their careers.

Be sure to stay tuned for more about this story in the coming weeks, as there will likely be more news on what happened in the near future.