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As a VALORANT player, you know that errors are all too common. Among the most frustrating ones to get is error code 46. If you’re tired of getting it during gameplay, here’s everything you need to know about error code 46 for VALORANT.

What is VALORANT Error Code 46?

Provided by Riot Games

Riot Games describes error code 46 as “platform downtime,” which means the servers are purposely taken down for maintenance or patch preparation. For example, server downtime that occurs on a normal Tuesday will cause VALORANT players attempting to log in during that time to receive error code 46.

Unfortunately, there is nothing players can do to fix the error code. Riot Games advises players to simply check back later until they’re done with server maintenance. While it may be frustrating, the only way to resolve error code 46 is to wait until the scheduled downtime is over and the servers are back up and running.

What other error code prevents the player from logging in to VALORANT?

Aside from error code 46, other frustrating error codes are 43 and 46. These two are closely numbered and share a common theme, causing issues with logging into the game.

Error code 43 is specific to timing out when logging into or playing the game. Thankfully, the solution is simple: restart the Riot Client and try logging in again.

Riot Games’ popular first-person tactical shooter has captured the hearts of many gamers, but with every closed beta, there are bound to be server issues. If you’re receiving these errors, you can take a break and brush up on the game’s newest character by checking out our other guides for Gecko. We have tips on how to use him and how to plant and defuse using Wingman.