Riot Games reveals VALORANT SPECTRUM skins partnership with Zedd
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VALORANT developer Riot Games has today revealed the SPECTRUM skin line, in partnership with Russian music artist and producer Anton “Zedd” Zaslavski.

“Inspired by the intersection of sound and color spectrums, the SPECTRUM skin is a high-energy, futuristic-looking skin line driven by electronic audio visualization elements,” Riot said regarding the skin line in a press release.

The skin line will be available in an exclusive bundle for 10,700 VP and is set to release on Wednesday, Sept. 8. The Phantom, Classic, Bulldog, Guardian and Melee will receive the SPECTRUM skin line alongside a SPECTRUM Gun Buddy, a Zedd Gun Buddy, a SPECTRUM Card and a spray within the bundle.

“SPECTRUM is VALORANT’s first audio-driven skin line, and was developed in collaboration with Grammy award-winning artist, producer, DJ, and Immortal-ranked VALORANT player, Zedd,” Riot said.

Music producer Zedd, who is an avid VALORANT player, has his iconic logo placed on each weapon in the bundle. The colorful bundle features a white, blue and pink theme with several futuristic-looking weapons featured. The melee features a brightly colored long blade, also.

VALORANT SPECTRUM skin upgrade levels

There are several different special effects for each time the weapons are upgraded. Level one will feature a custom model with a custom ADS reticle that changes color as you move. While level two includes custom muzzle flash effects and firing audio, with the muzzle flash changing color as you move as well.

Level three includes a custom equip animation, reload visual effects and audio effects. The visual effects and accent colors also change as you move. It features a custom inspect sound that is unique for each weapon and pulses to the beat of the music. Level four, the final upgrade, includes a typical kill banner and finisher.

Both the Melee and Weapon skins come with black, red and pink variants, which can be purchased separately.

George is the lead reporter for Upcomer from the United Kingdom.