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Yesterday, Riot released the new Snowball Fight mode in Valorant. We’ve played our fair share of games now, and it’s time to look at which upgrades make the biggest impact on the game.

Here are the four different upgrades, and which ones give you the biggest edge over your opponents.

Snowball Fight upgrade tier list

S-Tier: Skates

Skates are the best upgrade available in the Snowball Fight mode. They give you a ton of mobility which helps you get around the map quickly to get other upgrades, find enemies, and dodge enemy snowballs. Aside from just making you faster, they also make you jump higher so you can get to different locations on the map, like on top of crates.

A-Tier: Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire makes it so you don’t have to reload each shot. This means that you can get two shots off in the time it takes your opponent to shoot one and reload, which means you will get more opportunities to land shots (which can be difficult).

B-Tier: Growball

The Growball upgrade makes your s snowballs grow bigger the further they travel. This upgrade can help you pick up kills from a distance that you otherwise might not get. The snowballs move relatively slow, so this can really give you a boost from range. Nevertheless, Growball still falls behind Skates and Rapid Fire.

C-Tier: Ricochet

While Ricochet can certainly help get you kills, it is far less effective than the other powerups. Aiming in Snowball Fight is hard enough without trying to ricochet them off the walls, so most of your kills with the powerup will be unintentional.

Best upgrade combinations

Of course, you don’t have to just stick with one upgrade. Having all four of them is obviously extremely powerful, but some combinations are better than others. Here are the best combos:

  • Rapid Fire and Growball
  • Growball and Ricochet
  • Skates and Rapid Fire

Make sure to keep your eye open for those gift rifts when you’re playing Snowball Fight in Valorant. These rifts drop the upgrades you need to succeed!