VALORANT patch 3.05 adds Fracture map, nerfs Raze and Killjoy
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Patch 3.05 for VALORANT Episode 3 brings back individual Immortal ranks, along with adding the newest map Fracture and altering some agents.

VALORANT has entered its second Act of Episode 3, and with it comes another map. The seventh map to be released is an “H” shape, with the defenders spawning in the middle of the map. Attackers will spawn on the other sides of the defenders, effectively pinching them when the round begins. With two spike sites, Fracture appears like any other map, with the added twist of the defenders spawning in new areas.

If players want to get in and explore the new map as much as possible, a Fracture-only queue will be available for two weeks. After those two weeks, Fracture will enter other playlists, including Spike Rush and competitive.

Immortal ranks return in patch 3.05

After several Acts, individual Immortal ranks have returned to VALORANT. These ranks were present when the game first launched and distinguished the several Immortal ranked players. VALORANT’s rank system shows individual tiers from one to three, with three being the highest tier you can achieve at a rank. VALORANT changed the Immortal rank so that like Radiant, it would consist of a large pool of players with no distinction. Instead, players would be ranked on a ladder within Immortal and would have to climb out if they wanted to reach the next level.

The leaderboard will remain after patch 3.05 and be updated to distinguish between players within each Immortal tier. Additionally, new ranked restrictions will accommodate the return of the Immortal tiers. Meaning, like the other ranks, Diamond players will only be able to play one rank up.

  • Diamond 1 can play with up to Immortal 1
  • Diamond 2 can play with up to Immortal 2
  • Diamond 3 can play with up to Immortal 3

Killjoy and Raze nerfs

In addition to the new map and the return of Immortal tiers, Killjoy and Raze will be receiving some nerfs this patch. For Killjoy, her Turret (E) has been nerfed significantly in terms of how much each bullet slows player movement. Previously, if a player was hit with a Killjoy Turret, they would be slowed to a similar level as being stunned.

  • Bullet tagging reduced from 72.5% slow to 29.5% slow

This is an 84.31% decrease in the slowing that Killjoy’s Turret does to enemies. The reduction makes it harder for Killjoy to hold down a single site by themselves. Additionally, Raze’s Boom Bot has also been significantly nerfed from a damage perspective.

  • Max damage reduced from 125 to 80
  • Min damage reduced from 50 to 30
  • Cost reduced from 400 credits to 300

Raze’s Boom Bot (C) will now cost 100 credits less, but also do significantly less damage, even if the bot explodes on an enemy. This makes her Bot less of a threat when clearing out close corners on sites. For the remaining details on VALORANT patch 3.05, check out the official blog post.

Danny Appleford is an esports journalist for Upcomer that started writing for Daily Esports in 2020. He now specializes in articles surrounding League of Legends, Call of Duty, VALORANT and Halo.