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Valorant has finally released a teaser trailer for the new Agent that we will see on June 2. Reyna is Valorant’s first Mexican agent and appears to be an aggressive healer/duelist. Phoenix is currently the only Agent that can both heal himself and do damage with his abilities. Meanwhile, the only team healer Valorant has is Sage, whose abilities benefit positioning and timing but don’t inflict damage.

Valorant Agent Reyna

When the trailer first begins, we see Reyna facing off against Cypher on a new map teased last week. After winning the gunfight, Reyna uses her “E” ability, which shows her grabbing a purple orb from Cypher’s dead body. The ability is accompanied by her saying the voice line, “Give me your heart!” This implies that the purple orbs we see are the dead’s souls or hearts.

Renya's E valorant
Images via @PlayVALORANT

After using her E ability, she wins another gunfight, which earns her an additional orb. When she has gained two orbs, the notification for “combat stim” appears in the right corner. Brimstone is currently the only other Agent that has a combat stim ability. His combat stim allows anyone in its radius to receive faster reload and firing speeds. It’s unclear yet if Reyna gives teammates around her the combat stim buff as well.

Reyna gains her ult after obtaining the third orb, which we can see on screen is apparently called “Empress.” When her ult is activated, a green bar fills on the left of the screen until she is full health. Once she has reached full health, the green bar begins to go down and the sign “overhealed” appears on the left. When fully healed, she throws a larger purple orb from behind cover. Reyna then says “See nothing,” which implies that the orb blinds the enemies that are approaching. The ability causes the enemy to have a bright orb around their head. This effect is similar to when Breach stuns or knock-ups an enemy, blurring their vision.

Renya Valorant

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