Valorant mobile leaked? Player stumbles upon tablet mode
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With the Valorant closed beta in full swing, and with so many people playing, bugs will inevitably be found. One such bug may have leaked future Valorant plans. A player who decided to load the game onto their laptop using tablet mode has accidentally discovered what look like perfectly working mobile controls to play the game with.

An accidental discovery

Reddit user Spacixr prefers to game on their laptop in tablet mode. When they booted up Valorant in the same way, it seems they accidentally triggered a set of tablet controls. The player explained how it all happened:

So I like to play Valorant on my Laptop in tablet mode. When I loaded it up my screen was filled with tablet mode controls. I loaded onto the practice map and used the controls and they worked!

Several users reacted to the thread with their own takes. “This definitely seems like a leak you weren’t [supposed] to find!” remarked one comment. Other commenters responded that this likely means Riot Games already has a mobile port for Valorant in the works. After all, all of Riot’s other titles have mobile versions out or in development as well. We also know that several of the game’s top competitors have similar mobile versions, like Fortnite and PUBG.

Valorant on mobile?

The most interesting part of this discovery is that all of the icons on the player’s UI match up with assets leaked by well-known data miner FireMonkey last week. At the time of revealing the icons, this is what FireMonkey had to say:

Icons relating to the game having mobile support are in the game files. This doesn’t confirm Valorant will be playable on mobile but does confirm they have icons for it if they ever want to go that route.

This is the most logical conclusion we can reach at this time as well. With Valorant just entering its closed beta phase, Riot Games is likely all in on priming the PC version of the game for final release. The League of Legends developer is probably not focusing on a mobile port right now. But that doesn’t mean that one won’t ultimately come.

Knowing what we know about the landscape of Riot Games and its competitors, paired with these leaks from FireMonkey and Spacixr, can we deduce that Valorant will hit mobile app stores eventually? It seems likely, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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