Valorant guide: Best weapons to use in the Closed Beta
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The Valorant Closed Beta has offered up a ton of content that we should see when the game fully launches. Riot Games has stated it plans to add a couple more weapons and one extra map, but for the most part, the beta is indicative of what we’ll see at release. That said, players should be taking full advantage of this because it’s great practice for when Valorant arrives. However, in order to have the best chance of success, you’ll need to know the best weapons to use, which is what we’ll be going over in this guide.

The five best weapons in Valorant

In total, there are 17 weapons in Valorant spread across six categories. We’re excluding the tactical knife since we’ll be only looking at weapons that fire bullets. In our guide, only a few categories will be covered since this is where the dominant weapons are located.

Valorant weapons

1. Vandal

Just like in CSGO, the AK-47 reigns supreme. The Vandal is simply a reskinned version of the AK, as it acts incredibly similar to the well-known assault rifle. Though it doesn’t boast the highest fire rate in its class, the Vandal deals a huge 156 damage to the head and 39 damage to the body. These stats are what puts it over our second weapon on this list.

2. Phantom

The Valorant version of the M4A1, the Phantom is second on our list due to its damage output. While it has the same damage as the Vandal up close, the farther away you are from an enemy, the lower the damage you deal. At 15-30 meters, the Phantom deals 140 damage to the head and 35 to the body. Beyond that, it’s 124 to the head and 31 to the body. However, the Phantom is a great weapon and has the benefit of a silencer for added stealth.

3. Operator

Ronin Operator Valorant best weapons in closed beta guide

Valorant seems to be taking from CSGO yet again with the Operator. Commonly referred to as the “OP,” this sniper rifle has high wall penetration and hits for 255 damage to the head and 150 to the body. In comparison, the Marshal sniper rifle deals around 70% less damage. The Marshal does possess a faster ADS speed and better hip-fire accuracy, but overall, the Operator is the better weapon in Valorant.

4. Spectre

Easily the best submachine gun in Valorant, the Spectre is a solid weapon for econ rounds. Only costing $1,600, this weapon can pack a punch at close range. Of course, medium-to-long range it will be outclassed by any assault rifle. So, make sure you’re staying in close quarters and fully fire the Spectre instead of burst tapping.

5. Sheriff

Valorant best weapons in closed beta guide Sheriff

Though the Ghost pistol is a bit more consistent, we decided to go with the Sheriff for the pistol category’s best weapon. Not only can it one-shot fully armored players with a well-placed headshot, but the Sheriff’s body damage is miles better than that of the Ghost. While you still want to aim for the head, a few body shots can put down an enemy rather quickly.

That’s our guide for the best weapons in Valorant! For more Closed Beta coverage, stay tuned to Daily Esports!

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