Valorant's Elderflame skin transforms your weapon into a dragon
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Riot Games has revealed the first Ultra Edition skin for Valorant: the Elderflame. This dragon-themed cosmetic replaces the design and animations of several weapons with a little dragon buddy. Certain animations such as reloading and potentially even the idle animation have seen updates. The Elderflame should release later this week, so let’s break down what Valorant‘s rarest skin brings to the game.

Valorant brings the heat with the Elderflame

Teased yesterday in a tweet, the Elderflame cosmetic is a very impressive weapon skin. It transforms the player’s weapon into a metal-covered dragon. This dragon is fully animated, with players holding on to the back legs, and has a wide range of animations for different actions. Reloading your weapon is easily the best animation, where the dragon takes the new clip from the player’s hand and reloads itself. It even comes with a mouth for a muzzle and little flame droplets as players fire.

The Elderflame is shown over only a few weapons including the Frenzy, Guardian, Operator, and Vandal. Certain melee items like knives also get new fire animations. As of this writing, we don’t yet know if the cosmetic extends to other weapons.

Other unique animations for the Elderflame skin include a giant fiery dragon that incinerates your opponent after certain kills. Plus, fiery particle effects and other similar flame-like animations appear to surround the player as they drop from higher platforms.

A price that will make you say “dracarys”

Ultra Edition skins are the rarest and most visually impressive cosmetics in Valorant. Because of their rarity, they are also the most expensive. According to Joe Lee, Valorant‘s revenue lead, the price of the bundle is 9,900 Valorant Points, or about $90. It’s pretty pricey for a cosmetic. Even so, the amount of detail in the Elderflame’s design may well make it worthwhile.

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