Valorant drops are now available from any Twitch streamer
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If you are still waiting for a Valorant drop, you’re in luck! Riot Games has made it easier for Twitch viewers to get keys thanks to a change in their drop requirements. Now people viewing any channel streaming Valorant on Twitch have the chance to obtain an access key.

An important thing to note is that Riot Games did not increase the number of access keys they will be giving out. This update only makes it so Twitch viewers are not limited to only watching a small number of streamers to try and get drops.

For those looking to stream Valorant in hopes of giving their viewers chances to get access, it is important to ensure the “Enable Drops” switch is toggled and that your Riot account is linked to Twitch.

Valorant Drops

It sometimes takes up to 10 minutes for a game to show up as linked through Twitch, so make sure to wait before streaming!

While Riot Games might not be increasing the number of drops, it did reiterate that it has made changes to the access key system. Riot Games has increased Valorant server loads by 25% since the closed beta started and are working to increase it further. The Valorant team also took the time to find several thousand of the most engaging viewers in different streams and gave them access keys. 

Riot Games warned that after banning a number of accounts earlier this week, they are actively monitoring further accounts. The good news is that once an account is banned, it appears to open up more access keys. 

Brazil, Latin American, and Korea have been confirmed to be among the next regions that will gain access to Valorant. A release date was not confirmed, but in a post Riot Games said it is working “as fast as possible to release closed beta in new regions.”

The post wrapped up saying that the Valorant team has learned plenty during the Closed Beta. Before the game’s official release Riot Games will have to learn how to handle server load management. As more players have entered into the beta, more server infrastructure has been rolled out to accommodate the extra load. 

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