Valorant director confirms closed beta Twitch drops will continue all week
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In what is sure to come as great news for eager Valorant players, game director RiotZiegler has announced via Twitter that Closed Beta Twitch drops will continue long after the inaugural April 7 launch date.

“To dispel confusion, there will be more drops continuing throughout the week (and likely beyond),” Ziegler announced. “Also the amount of drops we give is not a fixed amount, but rather flexible around how many people we are servicing at any given time against capacity. In other words, if you haven’t gotten in yet, this is far from your only chance to get in.”

This gives us an idea of how the Valorant developers are approaching beta access. It seems that spots will continue to open as the game servers are tested and capacity is opened up. For players who did not get keys on the 3rd or 7th of April, they’ll continue to get chances throughout the week and beyond.

How to qualify for beta access

We have already covered how to get access to the Valorant closed beta, but it’s a simple three-step process. Players must first sign up for an account with Riot Games. Then they must link their Riot Games account to their Twitch profile. Finally, players simply need to watch streams tagged with “Drops Enabled” (look for the tag and not just in the stream titles). Beyond that, it’s purely a game of chance.

Closed beta access will randomly be shipped out in batches to people who are watching qualified streams. And while there seem to be tens of thousands of keys available, there are millions watching. If you don’t get a key early on, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty more on the horizon.

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