Valorant devs on Agent skins: "Don't expect it anytime soon"
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We got plenty of information from Valorant‘s live Twitch hangout today, including some information we didn’t think we’d get. Since the game’s release, players have wondered whether there would be Valorant Agent skins as well as gun skins. Today, we got an answer that may disappoint fans.

Here’s what the devs had to say about Agent skins, and what we can take from their comments.

Valorant Agent Skins aren’t coming anytime soon

If you were hoping for some new looks for the Agents, you’re going to have to wait a while. Riot devs said on their Twitch stream that there will be no Agent skins in the near future. “No concrete date, but don’t expect it anytime soon,” art lead Sean Marino stated.

Marino’s answer does not, however, rule out Valorant Agent skins sometime down the road. In fact, the way he words it almost makes it sound like it is something they plan on doing in the future. “No concrete date” implies that it will come, but they don’t have a time frame yet.

It seems inevitable that the game will eventually have skins for their characters. League of Legends, Overwatch, and other popular character-based games offer different cosmetics for their characters. It’s a good way to get fans involved with the game and turn a profit.

Currently, Valorant‘s cosmetic microtransactions come from weapon skins. There are already over 160 weapon skins in the game and they are about to add even more with the new Battle Pass in Episode 2. There are bound to be new collections that hit the shop as well with the new episode and act.

If you do want to see Valorant Agent skins, don’t get your hopes down yet. In time, it’s likely that Riot will want to capitalize on new methods for bringing in cash. What Agent skins do you think would be cool? Let us know in the comments!