Valorant cracks down on players with inappropriate names
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If you’ve played any online multiplayer game a lot, you’ve undoubtedly come across players with vulgar or offensive in-game names. Riot recently addressed this issue in Valorant and has a plan to force players to change inappropriate names like this.

Valorant will force players to change inappropriate names

Riot has officially launched “Forced Name Change” for in-game Riot IDs in Valorant. If you report a player for having an offensive name, Forced Name Change will automatically check their name. If it detects something offensive like a hateful or vulgar word, it will force the player to change their name.

The next time the player with offensive name logs in to Valorant, they will have to change their name before playing. This should help keep the game less toxic for all players. So, be sure to report anyone who has a name that might offend others.

How to report an offensive name

If you see someone who has a name that you think might offend someone, you can report them to attempt to get it changed. To do this, hit escape to open the match menu. Then, find the player with the name you find offensive and click the report option to the right of their name. From here, you can select to report them for an offensive or inappropriate name.

Make sure to check the other report options as well. There are plenty of other reportable offenses in Valorant. It’s always important to report players who ruin games for others through their actions or words. If players don’t get reported, there will be no action against them, and they will get to continue ruining games.

Hopefully, we will see far less inappropriate names from here on out. Riot will undoubtedly continue to explore other options for reducing toxicity in Valorant as well.