Valorant could be getting a new snowball mode soon
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Are you ready for the winter and the snow? Valorant seems to be. According to leaks, Riot’s tactical first-person shooter could be getting a new “snowball” mode soon.

Here’s what we know, and what we can expect to see from a new game mode in the coming weeks.

Is Valorant getting a snowball mode?

@ValorLeaks on Twitter found several “Modes.Snowball” tags in the code while data mining a recent patch. There are several different tags that could indicate some of the different features from the game mode. This “snowball” mode is likely a seasonal event and not a permanent game mode like Deathmatch or Spike Rush.

Looking at the different tags, it seems like the game mode will have some interesting gimmicks. The different tags are Bouncy, Growball, RapidFire, and Skates. These tags all seem fairly self-explanatory, and it looks like we will get some kind of mode where players shoot each other with snowballs while on skates.

There isn’t anything suggesting when we might see this, but with winter right around the corner, it’s bound to be soon if it does indeed come to Valorant.

Will there be a seasonal event?

Valorant has been out since June, and we haven’t had any seasonal events so far. Summer and Halloween both came and went without any sort of event (unless you include themed Gun Buddies). This leak could suggest some kind of winter event.

Riot has seasonal events in their other hit title, League of Legends. It seems likely that, in the future, Valorant will also get similar events. If this does turn out to be true and there is a winter event, we can also expect new Gun Skins as well.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on this potential new snowball game mode and winter event in Valorant!