Valorant could be getting a Battle Royale mode soon
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Battle royale modes are all the rage in shooter games. Popular titles include Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, and PUBG. Riot Games surely doesn’t want to miss their chance with the popular game mode and could be adding a battle royale mode to their FPS, Valorant, soon.

Here’s what we know so far, and why we think Valorant might be getting a battle royale mode.

Valorant is supposedly testing a Battle Royale

According to @PlayerIGN on Twitter, a small group of players was testing a Battle Royale game mode in Valorant as of last week. If this is true, it means Riot is testing out the new mode to bring to live servers.

Whether this will be a permanent game mode or part of some kind of seasonal event remains to be seen. We do know that dataminers recently found new strings of code that could indicate some kind of snowball game mode is coming to the game.

If this is indeed the case, it seems unlikely that Riot will add two new game modes. They could be doing some kind of winter event that involves a snowball battle royale game mode. This mode could involve making snowballs, shooting them at enemies, and skating.

A new game mode like this would certainly be a welcome addition to the game, which currently only has three different game modes. Seasonal events are always a great way to get people back to the game because players will want to check out the new content.

Valorant hasn’t had any kind of seasonal event limited-time game mode yet, so this could be a new avenue for Riot. Either way, players have a lot to be excited for with winter right around the corner. We should learn more about whether the leaks turn out to be true in the next few weeks!