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Riot’s FPS hit VALORANT has become one of the biggest esports seemingly overnight. Featuring dynamic abilities, powerful weapons, and calculated strategies, VALORANT is a popular PC game for competitive shooter fans. But will it ever be coming to console?

There have been rumors about VALORANT coming to consoles in the past, but nothing has ever really been for certain. Now, however, there seems to be some hints that VALORANT on console is possible after all.

PS5 VALORANT beta leak excites FPS community

Riot Games posted an official job position titled “Associate Console Playtest Analyst,” instantly leaving the FPS community buzzing about VALORANT coming to console.

The ad doesn’t say much else that gives any further information about VALORANT on console, but the ad was posted quite recently. This means that Riot has been working on a beta for a while now.

When is VALORANT coming to console?

While it’s seemingly confirmed that VALORANT is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it’s most likely not coming any time soon. The beta has not been officially announced so it’s safe to assume that VALORANT won’t be coming to console in 2023.

For now, the FPS community will have to wait for Riot Games to give further information on their console plans.